How to run a Successful Business without Sacrificing your Sanity with Caroline Greene

Us women tend to constantly compare ourselves against those checklists that we keep in our minds. The lists that constantly tell us what being good, right or best is.

Caroline Greene reminds us that women can absolutely have it “all”. We just have to make sure that we are the ones to define what “all” means to us. 

Watch our interview as we dig deep to find out what is really important, and how to make those crucial decisions to help you move towards achieving your dreams.

Action Steps:

  1. Know Your Why – Know the deep down, internal why’s about why you want to start a business.
  2. Get Honest – Be honest with yourself about what you are willing to do to make your why happen.
  3. Take meaningful, actionable steps to start committing to your Why’s in an honest way.

Big Takeaway:

Take meaningful, actionable steps to start committing to your Why's in an honest way. Caroline… Click To Tweet

Guest Bio:
Caroline Greene is a ‘recovering’ criminal defense attorney and mother of two. Her expertise lies in helping determined mom’s tap into their ambitions and strengths, to build careers that are both fulfilling and conducive to being a nurturing parent too.

She has authored two Amazon best sellers and is currently working on a third novel. Caroline is exceptional at public speaking and has a wealth of information about creating the ideal career for YOU.

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