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Calling Inspiring Christians on a Mission...

Do you have an inspiring STORY of triumph you'd like to share? I want to hear from YOU!

If you've ever felt alone, frustrated, depressed, defeated, hurt or angry; you're not alone.

Through sharing common struggles and how God has been your deliverer; you found the love, support, hope and acceptance that YOU ARE WORTHY!

If you have overcome obstacles, can share your faith in the Lord openly, and can offer hope to others struggling, I'd like to hear from you.

The show MimikaTV is designed especially for the Christian Woman who is looking for inspiration, education and support as she uncovers her God given purpose, gifts and talents.

The essence of the show is to empower and evoke the desire for her to uncover her God given potential, ignite her passion, inspire a positive mindset, and share practical tips for doing life with God.

I'm looking to feature real stories for my interview show "MimikaTV" of Christian women who have overcome obstacles and have an inspirational story or journey to share.

Topics include tips and techniques in the areas of:

- Biblical spiritual maturity,

- Overcoming negative mindsets,

- Pursuing entrepreneurial passions,

- Parenting a family the Godly way,

- Overcoming tragedy,

- Self love and self care.

If you can openly share how God has brought you through a trial or testing, taught you life skills and biblical lessons, and you can offer hope to others struggling; apply today.

Are you an author, entrepreneur, speaker, coach or expert who can serve the Christian woman on a mission for true biblical self-actualization? Then you're it.

Particularly we are looking for Christian authors who have published a book (or are about to), as well as Christian leaders, coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs and those in ministry who can share their nuggets of truth.

If you'd like to be considered to have your story featured, click to apply.

Apply Mimika TV

How it works

- First you complete the application form.
- Once you're approved you'll need to send me your bio and headshot photo.
- Next you'll receive custom graphics to share on your social media platforms to promote the upcoming interview.
- Once the interview is over you'll be required to share the video across your platforms. It will be added to my YouTube channel and shared on all my multiple social media platforms.

Note: Your interview will be heavily promoted on social media before the live interview, as well as after it airs across multiple platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram. We rely on our guests to help us promote their interview on their own platforms. You'll be provided with custom designed graphics and wording to make it easy to share.

What makes a great guest?

-Someone who can tell their story without the fluff and ego. Can you share your story in a compelling and inspiring way that glorifies Christ?
-Someone who is willing to share their ups and downs and practical tips for navigating life through their faith in God.
-Someone who is willing to spread the word about their interview, share/post/tweet/retweet, share to their newsletter community or write a blog post about their experience on Mimika TV.
-Someone who is a part of my community who joins my newsletter, comments on my blog/episodes, part of my social media and networking community.

Here’s why it matters

The amount of work that goes into launching your episode takes a ton of effort and time. I receive many pitch requests and I would love to chat with you; but I need to know you are truly interested. Each episode takes several hours to prepare, produce and promote. I spend a great deal of time and money promoting YOU and YOUR MESSAGE.

I take each episode very seriously and will do my best to help you share your story respectfully and I expect the same respect in return.

Most importantly, I believe in YOUR message and want to ensure your name and message gets out to the world.

I need YOUR support to help you shine, and our combined efforts will do exactly that!

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