How to Maximize your Existence with Tasha Scott

As a young girl with her first paper route, Tasha M. Scott knew that she was destined to be an entrepreneur.

Over the course of a few years, Tasha created several successful businesses, earning six figure incomes.  A self proclaimed “public success but a private mess”  she always felt that there was a huge disconnect between her personal and professional lives. This disconnect ultimately brought about bankruptcy and strained relationships.

It wasn’t until after Tasha got honest with herself with the help of a mentor and coach, that she was able breath new life into her marriage and her businesses, resulting in renewed success and a happiness she didn’t think was possible.

Are you in need of transformation in your life?  If the answer is yes, listen to Tanya’s interview to begin your journey.

Tips for Transformation:

  1. Learn how to forgive
  2. Learn how to speak positive, life giving words over yourself
  3. Ask for help (Don’t suffer in silence)

Big Takeaway:

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Guest Bio:

  • Tasha M. Scott is a Success Connector & Life Coach for women in business.
  • She’s a serial entrepreneur, author and a Huffington Post blogger.
  • She the founder of the “Don’t Limit Me” and WomenCONNECT™ movements.
  • Through her coaching programs, live workshops, and movement, she delivers life-changing messages, empowering women to strengthen their faith and their family while building a profitable business.
  • Tasha’s mission is to facilitate the journey toward Maximizing your Existence!

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