Jack of all Trades Master of None

When I began my business as a Virtual Operations Manager five years ago, I offered my clients every service I thought they would want and need.

From email marketing to basic accounting I provided those services and anything in between. If I had taken a class or performed the task while on my first job 30 years ago, I’m your girl.  One-stop-shop. How could a potential client resist that?

At first, it was great!  I was bursting at the seams with work, income expanding and my clients were happy.  But that was short lived.  I soon found myself hesitating to complete certain tasks because I dreaded doing them.  Not to mention that business began dropping off, drastically.

But wasn’t my job to do the “stuff the people don’t want, don’t know how or don’t want to do?”  So what’s the issue?  This issue was this: my clients had no idea what I do, and neither did I.

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

At one time or another, in business or in life, it’s likely we have all found ourselves offering to do something that we didn’t want to, just because we knew how no one else would or simply because we could.

Like that time you volunteered to cook Thanksgiving dinner because no one else stepped up and well, you gotta eat!  How hard can it be, you cook all the time.

Excuse me, did you forget that you despise cooking, and you haven’t cooked anything but frozen pizza and pasta in your life?

As you may expect the result is you were miserable, yelling at family members, and the meal was not edible.  Was it worth it?   Note to self: Just because you can or know how doesn’t mean you should.

It was a hard lesson for me to learn.  While I was busy trying to be and do everything for everyone, my business was drowning, and I was unhappy.  I was experiencing the very pain that I release from my clients because I was offering services that I didn’t like to do, simply because I could.

The reason is that people were confused about what services I could provide for them.  While I thought I was covering my bases by offering more than 1 or 2 specific services that I was great at, in fact, I was turning potential clients away because my services read like an ala carte menu at the local diner. Way too many choices. And no proof that I could accomplish what they are looking for the first time.

Teaching Moment

It wasn’t until I reached out to my mentor that I realized I wasn’t doing myself or my business any favors by doing things just because I can or because it comes with a payoff in the end.

The bottom line is unless I’m offering services that I get excited about doing and know, without a doubt that I can do right the first time, DON’T OFFER IT!

This lesson translated loud and clear not only for my business but also for my life.  I stopped saying yes, just because and found myself a whole lot and my business a whole lot happier.

So if you can relate to this lesson my advice to you, it let go of the need to be a Jack of All Trades and grab onto becoming a Master of ONE!


Here’s to you,


Shari Hand

DSC_8848 resizeShari is an online COO for online business specializing in creating small business and marketing strategy.



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