Uncover your Signature Brand, Boost your Visibility & Sell with Style.

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For the Entrepreneur, Expert, Author, Speaker and Thought Leader who wants to get VISIBILITY results FAST, my signature program "Business Class Branding" is designed to take you through a systematic branding and marketing process to achieve your goals.

Want to get featured in the media?
Publishing a Book?
Seeking Speaking Gigs?
Launching a Program or Course?

We achieve this by crafting your unique brand story, messaging and marketing automation plan so we strategically present your business to attract quality leads and clients.

We cover Brand Development, Marketing Automation, Social Media Strategy, Video Marketing Campaigns and Publicity Training.

With one-on-one coaching, hands on implementation support and blueprints; this intensive program will put you on the fast track to Visibility success!

  • Uncover the Blueprint for Leveraging YOU and your unique skills...
  • Design your Magnetic Visual Brand...
  • Share your Success Story...
  • Position yourself as the EXPERT....
  • SELL with Style...

Let's do this I'm Ready to Boost my Visibility!

Apply for a complimentary discovery call and let's see if you're a right fit for the program.


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Mimika Cooney is a TV Host, Visual Brand Strategist and Visibility Specialist.

The offer is for a 15 Minute no obligation Complimentary Discovery Call. If you like the strategies offered, you'll have the opportunity to work more closely with Mimika in her signature program.